Guided Learning Packages

(for Remote Learning)

Welcome to CEDP's guided learning packages!  

For Parents: 

Welcome to this site that provides learning to support your child at home.  Please ensure your child shares their work with their class teacher as this site does not provide a means for this. Please contact your child's class teacher if there are any questions.

To get students started at the beginning of the year please choose the Start of Year learning button.  



Guided learning packages have been developed by CEDP Teaching Educators and Teachers to support students from Early Stage 1 to Stage 5 who require ongoing remote learning when schools are closed.


The learning packages are organised under Week A, B etc so that teachers can select learning activities for students from any designated week.

A full week of learning activities, updated weekly, includes explicit teacher guidance, open-ended activities in Literacy, Numeracy and Religious Education.

Instructions for use

These packages have been created as resources for teachers to share with their students. Parents will not be able to access the guided learning packages unless the link is shared by their teacher. To share with your students, after reviewing, please use the direct Google Site link for your stage so that students and parents can access the materials.  Teachers remain responsible for overseeing each student's work and responding, as needed, offering feedback to support learning.

The packages are accessible to anyone with the link, while this page is intended for teachers.