Week A

Stage 2

Daily Prayer

My Thank You Prayer!

When you pray you are talking to God. We ask God for help, to look after our family and loved ones. Today, you are going to write a prayer to God thanking him. You will also be drawing a picture.

Resources: Paper, pencil, colour in pencils

Begin with the Sign of the Cross
In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, breathing in and out three times

Take time to answer this question.
Write down as many answers as you wish.

What would you like to Thank God for? (This could be family, friends, food, toys…)

Draw a picture underneath your prayer and colour it in.

Conclude with the sign of the cross.

Note: Please use the whole prayer or parts of it to suit your child’s age and needs.

Religious Education

Learning Intention

We are learning that Jesus is truly God and truly man

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I…

  • Identify feelings and emotions that Jesus displayed during his life

  • Reflect on feelings and emotions that I have experienced that are similar to that of Jesus


S2 Jesus- demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Jesus present in the sacramental life of the Church and who sends us the Holy Spirit to enliven and guide us.

You will need




Jesus had feelings and emotions just like you and I.

Select one of the Faces of Jesus Images.

Reflect on the image of the face of Jesus. How do you think Jesus is feeling? Does He look anxious? worried? peaceful? Write a paragraph to explain and give reasons for your answer.

Questions to support my thinking

Activity too hard?

Select one image and make a list of words to describe how Jesus might be feeling at that moment.

Activity too easy?

Create your own image of Jesus from one of his life events. Try to show the emotion he may be feeling at that moment


Learning Intention

We are learning to read and respond to texts.

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I …

  • can use ‘read around the word’ strategies - finding and using context clues

  • can use resources to help solve unknown words.

Aligned to English syllabus outcome number
EN2-4AUse an increasing range of skills, strategies and knowledge to fluently read, view and comprehend a range of texts on increasingly challenging topics in different media and technologies.

You will need



Google Slides


Focus: Solving unknown words and identifying which strategy was used.

  1. Use the slides here to support your learning

  2. Re-read the text

Questions to support my thinking

Activity too hard?

Do I understand the words I’m reading?

Activity too easy?

Which strategies did I use to solve unknown words?

Week A S2 Wednesday slides



Learning Intention

We are learning to measure capacity.

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I:

  • can find more than one solution

  • can record the dimensions of my container.

Aligned to Mathematics syllabus outcome numberMMA2-11MG Measures, records, compares and estimates volumes and capacities using litres, millilitres and cubic centimetres.

You will need




Some cardboard eg used cardboard box



Imagine a container that would hold 250g of jelly beans.

Use cardboard to make your container.

Record the dimensions of the container.

Take a photo of your container to share.

Image source: Pixabay

Questions to support my thinking

Activity too hard?

What if your container was a cube?

Try making six squares to create the box.

Activity too easy?

What other shapes could your container be? Can you make it / draw it?

Brain Breaks

Be sure to take a break at least every hour or so.

There are some ideas in the slideshow, but feel free to come up with your own ideas.

Brain Breaks Week A