Week A

Early Stage 1

Daily Prayer

Welcome to the family

Let us pray:

Dear Jesus,

I want to tell you about my family,

I love them very much.

They are very special.

I am starting school this year

and school is my new family.

Thank you for this new family.


Religious Education

Learning Intention

We are learning that Jesus is the Son of God and the son of Mary

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I …

  • can identify members of my family

  • can explain how each member of my family is important


ES1 Jesus- demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Jesus as the incarnate Son of God who loves us and invites us to grow in relationship with him.

You will need

Lead Pencil

Colour Pencils



  1. Watch the video from St. John's Riverstone

  2. Draw a picture of your family.

  3. Have a go at writing the name of each family member

  4. Show your picture to your family and tell them what you have learnt from each person in your picture


Learning Intention

We are learning how words and pictures tell a story.

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I:

  • can talk about the pictures in the story

  • can listen to the words in the story and talk about how the pictures match.



Responds to and composes simple texts about familiar aspects of the world and their own experiences.

You will need

Lead Pencil


Colour Pencils

Slideshow (below)

Craft Supplies


  1. Open the Google slides (on the right) and follow the written and audio prompts as you listen to and think about the text.

  2. Read beautiful stories every day for enjoyment.

  3. Encourage your child to draw, talk and 'write' every day. Beginning writing might look like a picture, scribbly marks, single letters or even some words including their own name. Accept all attempts at writing and encourage your child to tell you about their pictures and writing.

Week A Monday

Questions to support my thinking

Activity too hard?

Draw your favourite animal from the story.

Activity too easy?

Add names of the animals to your drawing.


Learning Intention

I am learning to find pairs of numbers that add together to make 10.

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I:

  • record my thinking using pictures and numbers

  • find more than one solution

  • explain my thinking to someone else.


MAe-5NA Uses a range of strategies and informal recording methods for addition and subtraction involving one- and two-digit numbers.

You will need





How many peas are there?

Draw other ways the same peas could be arranged on each side.

Can you write some number sentences to match how you have arranged the peas?

Find other places you see arrangements of 10 things around you. Draw a picture of them and show someone!

Click the play button to listen to the task

Monday Maths Week 4.m4a

This is one pea pod split open

Image source: www.illustrativemaths.org

Questions to support my thinking

Activity too hard?

  • Use some objects and pretend they are the peas. Use them to help you to find partners to 10.

  • What if there were 5 peas?

Activity too easy?

  • What if there were 20 peas?

Brain Break

Be sure to take a break at least every hour or so.

There are some ideas in the slideshow, but feel free to come up with your own ideas.

Brain Breaks Week A