Week B

Early Stage 1

These learning activities are designed to be completed in sequence beginning on Monday

Daily Prayer

Our Father

Please watch the video above to help us get ready for prayer:

Let us pray Jesus’ favourite Prayer!

Our Father,

Who art in heaven,

hallowed be Thy name; Thy kingdom come;

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


Religious Education

Learning Intention

We are learning that Jesus showed us how God wants us to live.

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I:

  • can tell how Jesus shows how to pray

  • can pray the Our Father


ES1 Jesus- demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of Jesus as the incarnate Son of God who loves us and invites us to grow in relationship with him.

You will need


or Workbook

Coloured Pencils

Lead Pencil



Jesus taught us that it is important to talk to God. He even taught us how to do this. This is called prayer. The 'Our Father' is a prayer that Jesus taught his friends.


  1. Print the following worksheet on the Our Father Prayer

  2. Colour in and decorate the worksheet

  3. If you are unable to print it, try and copy it onto a piece of paper and colour it in or use a drawing app on your device to colour or decorate the image

Our Father Colouring In.pdf


Learning Intention

We are learning to think and share ideas about stories we listen to and watch.

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I:

  • can say words that rhyme

  • can identify words that rhyme in the story

  • can draw and talk about words that rhyme.

Aligned to English outcomes


Thinks imaginatively and creatively about familiar topics, simple ideas and the basic features of texts when responding to and composing texts.

You will need




Lead Pencil


Working with Words - The Magic Hat

  • Open the Google slides (on the right) and follow the written and audio prompts as you listen to the story and think about the text.

  • Read beautiful stories every day for enjoyment.

NB. for Parents - Encourage your child to draw, talk and 'write' every day. Beginning writing might look like a picture, scribbly marks, single letters or even some words including their own name. Accept all attempts at writing and encourage your child to tell you about their pictures and writing.

Questions to support my thinking

Activity too hard?

  • What words did you hear in the story that sounded the same at the end?

  • What rhymes with hat? What rhymes with road? ...toad?

Activity too easy?

  • What other rhyming words do you know?

  • Can you think of another story that has rhyming words in it?

2022 Week B Thursday



Learning Intention

I am learning to give and follow directions and describe the position of objects.

Success Criteria

I will know I am successful when I:

  • can give and follow directions to put objects in a position

  • describe the position of objects using many different words.



Describes position and gives and follows simple directions using everyday language.

You will need



Lead Pencil


Look at this map of Five Wonders Theme Park

Image source: Teachstarter


Theme Park Map

Look the Five Wonders Theme Park poster.

Build your own Theme Park using blocks, Lego, small toys and other objects.

Draw a map of your park on a large piece of paper.

Look at the numbers on the map. I wonder what you could name some of the rides and attractions?

Draw a pathway on your map through the theme park choosing where to start and finish.

Describe the pathway to someone else and give them directions to move a small toy through your map.

Click play to listen to the task.

Task 4 Thursday Wk 5.m4a

Questions to support my thinking

Activity too hard?

  • Build a maze with Lego, blocks or straws.

  • Move a small toy through the maze and describe the pathway.

  • Draw your maze on a piece of paper.

Brain Breaks

Be sure to take a break at least every hour or so.

There are some ideas in the slideshow, but feel free to come up with your own activities.

Week B Brain breaks K-6